Handmade Recycled Plastic (HRP) is made from polythene bags that are collected from the streets of New Delhi. One of the great advantages of HRP is that it doesn't need any dyes to achieve its vibrant look as the colours are obtained from the plastic bags themselves. This unique upcycling process uses much less energy than conventional recycling and creates no pollution. Plus, it has a great ecological impact, as thousands of plastic bags are removed from the streets every day.

In the collection and production process, our partner employs more than 300 people providing an income for some of Delhi's poorest people. Ragpickers collect thin plastic bags in the streets and sell them in our supplier's warehouse. There the dirty bags are cut open, washed, sorted by color and sun dried on clothes lines. Then several layers of them are laid out into colorful patterns, heated and compressed. A new sort of synthetic fabric is created and used to create handbags, wallets and other fashion accessories. All staff involved in the production of HRP receives fair wages, training opportunities and other kinds of support.

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