Manguetown was born with the idea of creating cool and innovative products made from recycled material found in anyone's garbage.

Our products are made from recycled tyres, tubes, plastic bags, fire hoses and PET bottles. These are collected, cleaned and finally recycled (or upcyled) in order to become the raw material for our products. Our sources are land-fill sites and junk yards in developing countries, where waste is unfortunately, an abundant resource. The collection of our raw material usually involves hard manual work from low-income garbage-pickers (or “carroceiros” as they are called in Brazil) who are usually treated as inferiors by society and authorities in their countries.

How we work

We want garbage-pickers and environmental-friendly organizations to benefit from our products. In order to achieve this goal we work with suppliers and partners that add value and dignity to the work of these people, who in our eyes, play an extremely important role as recycling agents in developing countries.

Our suppliers are small environmental-friendly businesses, who like us, believe that a different world is possible. They range from artisans and local associations to small recycling industries investing in an eco-friendly production. They work in a sustainable way and usually pay garbage-pickers a far higher price than other industries would pay. Furthermore, many of our suppliers provide training and qualification for their workers, with some becoming office workers and even managers after gaining these new skills.


As controlling and evaluating the distribution of revenues down to the whole production chain is not an easy task, especially in some industries and countries, we decided to donate part of our revenues directly to projects where the garbage-pickers and waste artisans are the main beneficiaries.  We will soon add some of the projects where we contribute and share the links in case you decide to help them as well!


We are a Swiss-based company, located in Volketswil, Canton Zurich

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