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Manguetown on the Top 11! Thanks "Nachhaltigleben" magazine for the nice article!




Our innovative Ipad Covers made from recycled plastic bags are now available in Rrrevolve shop in Zurich!

rrrevolve Concept Store
Stüssihofstatt 7
8001 Zürich


Manguetown bags and accessories are now available in Heicho Shop in Bern! Come and check them out!


Marktgasse 22
3011 Bern


 Manguetown is now part of the best Swiss web-search portal

Bitzli makes it easy for customers to find the coolest and most loved brands in Switzerland without having to browse tousands of pages on Google. Thanks to accept our subscription!



The World Cup is over :-C

Congratulations Germany for the title and many thanks to all the fans and volunteers in the Supportaire that made our ECOLOGICAL PET t-shirts look even more beautiful! Below some highlights of the Manguetown's participation in the Fanzone in Fribourg!



Manguetown has been chosen by as their official t-shirt supplier!

Manguetown will supply more than 200 ECOLOGICAL PET t-shirts for staff and volunteers working at the Supportaire Fribourg , an amazing  Public Viewing built exclusively for the World Cup 2014!

Thanks Playmaker for choosing and our eco-friendly tees! We love this event and we are happy to see that your staff loves our t-shirts too!



Manguetown and are now partners! Since last week Manguetown is a proud member of this amazing network of Swiss companies that work with fair and sustainable products.

Sellers at Faircustomer cooperate woth people with disabilities , unemployed initiatives , cooperatives from the countries of the South and Swiss importers of fairly traded products.  Check our shop and products available in the link below:


Some pictures from "pimped" cartloads by the project PIMP MY CARROCA.

This great initiative created by artist Mundano gives dignity to the work of garbage pickers. In the three events organized to date, the cartloads go through a ”pitstop”, where the pimping happens and cartloards are provided with security signals, mirrors, hunks, and artistic customization. During the process, the garbage pickers and their families also go through a medical and ophthalmologic check-up, along with getting massages, haircuts, meals and psychological therapy.

In order to know more about this amazing project, visit their website: